Why Choose Us?


A company cannot succeed without fulfilling the demand of its customers. We receive no satisfaction for the services that you are not delighted with. We are fueled with the desire to bring the highest quality service on the market to you and committed to bring the highest favorable outcome to our customers.


To exceed customers expectations for value and services.

To build and maintain customer relationship and ensure long term satisfaction.


To foster open communication, listen and understand other perspectives.


To champion change that improves results for our customers.

To do the right thing not simply do things right.


To foster an environment and culture of collaboration and mutual accountability.

To earn trust and respect

Daawo Holdings Limited

Daawo Holdings Limited was established in Kenya in 2011 under the Company Act (Chapter 486 of the Law of Kenya). Our head office is in Nairobi, Kenya with regional office in Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi and South Sudan.

Our core services are logistics, Engineering & construction services and general supply in Eastern and Central Africa. The company also does Fleet hiring services, livestock business and acts as recruitment agency. Daawo Holdings Limited as an independent executive recruitment agency based in Nairobi, Kenya. We help our clients attract, select, develop, engage and retain the best and brightest talent.

We are a customer driven and dedicated to providing affordable products and services while placing a strong emphasis on crediting long-term relationship with our clients.

Our Work

Construction Services
Logistics Services
General Supply
Recruitment Services
Livestock Dealers
Fleet Hiring Services


  1. Excellence
  2. Client focus
  3. Communication
  4. Strong leadership
  5. Team work