Daawo Holdings Limited HSE, in order to minimize or eliminate probable negative effects on its customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other third parties as well as on environment during its activities, acts in accordance with and undertakes to implement the following principles:

  • Abiding by the HSE Legislation and the HSE Customer Specifications
  • Evaluating the HSE risks & hazards of our activities and taking necessary measures to minimize or eliminate such HSE risks & hazards
  • Reporting and investigating the reasons of accidents and incidents
  • Reviewing and continuously improving the performance of the HSE Management System
  • Ensuring the participation and leadership of employees in HSE Management System and practices
  • Reporting HSE Key Performance Indicators to relevant parties
  • Raising HSE awareness by ensuring efficient communication and implementing training programs and awarding
  • Impressing the culture of Zero Accident on all employees
  • Integrating the best practices in HSE into Daawo Holdings Limited HSE Management System
  • Preventing potential negative effects on environment
  • Minimizing the consumption of natural resources
  • Minimizing negative effects on social environment by efficiently communicating local groups

HSE Objectives

Minimizing or eliminating occupational health and safety and environmental risks

  • Preventing unsafe situations and behaviors
  • Improving physical and working environment conditions
  • Impressing occupational health and safety and environmental consciousness on the entire labor force

HSE Goals

  • Zero Occupational Accident
  • Zero Accident Resulting in Material Damage
  • Zero Accident Resulting in Damage to Goods
  • Zero Car Accident
  • Zero Environmental Accident


In accordance with the quality policy of Daawo Holdings Limited, a continuous and efficient quality approach planned for the purpose of reaching strategic objectives is applied to all business processes. Daawo Holdings Limited, in order to minimize or eliminate probable negative effects on product quality, undertakes to implement the following principles in the projects realized with its customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders:

  • Realizing a sustainable and profitable growth by means of the services that permanently meet customer requirements and expectations
  • Delivering suitable structures, products and services in accordance with practical criteria of time, cost, occupational safety, environment and quality
  • So as to be an innovator and leader in the sector, learning and developing advanced technologies and competing based on information and system superiority
  • Increasing competitive capacity by establishing fiduciary and agreeable cooperation with its customers, employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Ensuring that objectives, management systems and controls are published and understood by employees
  • Undertaking to review and improve the performance of the Quality Management System with an approach based on continuous development
  • Increasing employees’ competencies by way of professional training programs and thus making sure that works are performed more efficiently and productively.


As a Company we have established these important core values to guide our behaviors when dealing with Customers, Employees and Suppliers.


We abide by moral, ethical and legal standards. We provide honesty and Constructive feedback


We are accountable for our decisions and actions; we seek assistance when we have or notice a problem. We share a responsibility for our career development.


We provide high levels of professional service to our Customers, both internal and external. We show up for work and perform our job to the best of our abilities. We look for opportunities to improve the Company’ Processes and performance.


We work with others in a cooperative manner to achieve Company goals’ we share information necessary for others to do their jobs effectively. We pro actively pursue the resolution at any conflict that impacts team effectiveness.


We trust each other with dignity We use appropriate, on-offensive language when communicating with others. We demonstrate care and concern for other people and their challenges; We respect other people’s points of view.


We like to have fun. We celebrate success.